Employee Updates

  • Return to Work on May 4th

    We have made the necessary changes to return operations to a full production staff on May 4th, 2020.  Remote employees will not report to the office an continue to work remotely.
  • Plan for April

    As we continue to deal with meeting the obligations of the “Stay-at-Home” Order that was extended through May 1st, we have worked through several alternatives to continue our safe operation of Essential Duties and Business Operations.  We have taken the past few weeks to further expand our social distancing efforts in accordance with the Order, erecting barriers where necessary, taping out floors for social distance requirements, securing additional protective equipment and evaluating the facility staffing levels.  In doing this, we have established a plan for the remainder of April for our employees.

    So, with the way many of the days blend together, a lot of us had forgotten a very important fact. FRIDAY IS A HOLIDAY!  If you go back to the holi...
  • Payroll Plan

    We are continuing to pursue all options to ensure we can safely support our customers, consumers and employees. While we work on these plans, we ha...
  • Stay Healthy

    While we all work in different ways where we can, it is as important as ever to stay healthy.  We talked a lot about staying healthy when we were a...
  • 1 Week

    1 week ago, today, we reduced our staff at the facility to essential operations.  Leading up to that, we had a lot of decisions to make.  Everyone of those decisions was based on our desire to deliver products to our consumers in the safest was possible for our employees.

  • Frontline Ambassadors

    First, I miss you guys!  I know I am not the only one who misses working together, in person, to take on the challenges of the day.  I also miss re...
  • The 5 Stages of Grief

    I decided to Accept this Challenge.  I decided that we will find a way to be the best, as we always do, given what is in front of us.  And, I must admit, it seems as if many of you were ready as well.  
  • Recap of Monday

    Below is the memo I reviewed earlier today.  With today being the last day of a full production team in the facility for a while, I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank you for all that you have done.  As we discussed, we will have a small crew in the facility periodically to support the Basic Operations of the business.  Thank you to those who are working hard to ship tonight and will support the operations tomorrow.
  • Monday's Plan

    We are aware the State of Ohio issued a “Stay at Home” order effective Monday Night.  The facility will be open tomorrow. Monday will be treated in the same manner as the past few days with regards to temperature checks and Social Distancing. We will follow the normal shift schedule unless your supervisor notifies you otherwise. Please continue to stay home if you are sick and continue to practice Social Distancing at the facility. Those who have been working remotely should continue to do so. We will provide more information tomorrow with regards to a potential temporary facility closure.

  • March 20 Update

    A Copy of the memo I sent out March 20th. It includes some information on the new Sick Leave and FMLA Policy that is being passed by the government.
  • Employee Updates

    As we move through this unprecedented time with regards to the COVID-19, we will be using this site for certain, vital employee communication.  For...