Return to Work on May 4th

April 24, 2020




It has been a few weeks since we had a formal, company-wide, communication. As we have all settled into the new reality of our world with COVID-19, we keep working to satisfy consumers and our customers as safely as we can.  Over the past few weeks, we have made tremendous strides at the facility, not only in social distancing, but improving our overall facility layout and procedures to deal with these new realities.

 These improvements, which I will highlight below, are the reason we are prepared to move back to operations with a full production staff beginning May 4th, 2020.  We ask that all employees who cannot conduct their respective jobs at home, return to the work schedule that has been communicated. Those of you who have been working remotely, we ask that you continue to do so until further notice.

 While things will not be entirely back to normal, know that we have invested heavily in equipment, policy development, and processes, to make the facility at TMG Performance Products as safe as possible for your return.  While we wait for specific direction from the State of Ohio, we believe the proactive changes we have been making throughout the past month have allowed us to exceed the expected requirements.


We have moved beyond the basics of Social Distancing. That is one part of the three main areas that will help us protect you.  You will notice changes to our policies and procedures to reflect the outline of our initial direction of Contain, Clean and Cover.  However, we have expanded these measures to be much more robust. Below are examples of some significant changes we have made to the facility to improve our ability to protect all of us.



  • Every person entering the building, including employees and visitors, will continue to be required to record their temperature and respond to brief questions regarding potential symptoms. We are procuring additional, no-touch thermometers to assist in this effort
  • We are balancing the number of employees on each production shift. This is to reduce potential exposure and limit interactions to those on a single shift as compared to the entire organization
  • We will continue to ask that those who can work remotely do so. We will continue to limit the number of people in the facility at any one time
  • If remote employees will be in the office, please refrain from going on the production floor unless necessary. If necessary, please check with John Creech prior to entering the production facility and limit it to a single shift, minimizing potential exposure to multiple shifts
  • Follow all directional signs and flow markers on the floors and walls. We have created one-way aisles to minimize any unnecessary or accidental social distance infractions.
  • Utilize the Floor stickers, outlining 6-ft spacing around points of congregation
  • Over the next week, we will be outlining a new “Clock-in” procedure which will allow you to use your personal device, when in the building, to clock in and out for payroll. This will limit any congregation at a time clock or specific building entrance or exit. More information to follow
  • Continue to limit the utilization of the lunchroom and conference rooms and enforce social distancing
  • Many more that we will review on-site


  • Masks will be REQUIRED to be worn in any public space or while moving throughout the facility. We have procured thousands of masks that are in-house or on the way. We will continue to purchase a variety of non-surgical masks for employees.  However, if you currently have a mask that you are comfortable wearing, you are welcome to do so
  • In certain areas, you will see plexiglass or physical barriers constructed, similar to grocery stores, to contain any potential spread
  • We will continue to procure and provide additional Protective Equipment, without sacrificing what is needed for our first responders
  • Please continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and coughing or sneezing into your sleeve or a tissue


  • We will require wipe down procedures with provided disinfectant for all equipment. These processes will be outlined for each work area
  • We will ensure all equipment is cleaned prior to the start of a new shift
  • All community surfaces will be disinfected on a regular schedule
  • We will keep all non-fire doors open to reduce the need to touch any surfaces when entering different areas
  • We are reducing the required barcode scanning in production to limit the areas of congregation or community surfaces
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizer stations to encourage use
  • We will be installing a touchless faucet in the lunchroom with instant warm water.
  • We will be implementing a customer vehicle disinfecting procedure for all development work
  • The after-hours cleaning crew will continue to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces

Most importantly, each of you are empowered to support safe practices, protecting yourself and your teammates.  While these are just some examples of our changes, we will be most successful if each of you commit to supporting social distancing, these new practices, as well as look for more ways to stop the spread of germs. As always, additional continuous improvement ideas are welcome and should be submitted to Kevin or John.


Additional measures will be put in place in the office area over the next few weeks in preparation for a further return to work.  You should expect to see additional spacing between desks, continued limits on the number of people in given areas, restrictions on movement to the production floor, and physical barriers where appropriate.  For now, we will continue to use technology to keep us physically separate.


As we navigate this situation, it is important that we continue to do the basic things.  Most importantly, if you are feeling ill, PLEASE STAY HOME. In addition, if you believe you have contracted COVID-19, or have exposure to the virus, we require that you notify us as quickly as possible.  This is for the safety of our entire team and will offer us the ability to support you with all applicable benefits provided by the government.


Beginning May 4th, we will return to our normal pay and attendance policies. If you will be absent from work, you must use the call-off line.  If your reason for absence is related in any way to COVID-19 (you are experiencing symptoms, care for someone with COVID-19, you are required to quarantine, etc.) you must provide that information.


This has been a crazy few weeks.  For those of you who have been in the facility everyday supporting our essential customers, thank you.  I appreciate how you have helped us maintain as much of our business as possible.  Also, thank you to those who are working from home.  I understand that there are many challenges and certain tasks are more difficult than before.  Please continue to navigate those challenges and let’s continue to help our customers in any way we can.  Finally, those who have not had the opportunity to work remotely or be in the facility, we look forward to having you back no later than May 4th.  We have a significant backlog of work that is late, and your help is needed to recover.


Finally, we all know this will not be over soon.  Most of these changes will be with us for many months, including masks and social distancing.  We know the changes we have made will help us.  However, your commitment to supporting these changes is what can truly keep all of us safe. Thank you all for your flexibility, support and commitment as we navigate these next challenges in our world.