Plan for April

As we continue to deal with meeting the obligations of the “Stay-at-Home” Order that was extended through May 1st, we have worked through several alternatives to continue our safe operation of Essential Duties and Business Operations.  We have taken the past few weeks to further expand our social distancing efforts in accordance with the Order, erecting barriers where necessary, taping out floors for social distance requirements, securing additional protective equipment and evaluating the facility staffing levels.  In doing this, we have established a plan for the remainder of April for our employees.

  •  Any employee who can conduct his/her duties effectively from home, should continue to do so.  We fully expect that we will continue to support our customers and consumers remotely through those functions that can be managed from locations other than our facility.
  • Any employee who has been previously asked and has since worked at the facility, we appreciate your help.  We will continue to compensate those employees for their continued work as we have this previous week.
  • As mentioned, our social distancing efforts have continued to improve, and we are able to increase the number of individuals who can safely be in the facility.  Kevin Quiring or John Creech will reach out to you before Monday to ask more of you to support those efforts.  If you can meet the requested schedule, you will be compensated as discussed with John or Kevin.
  • For those who are unable to conduct their duties remotely and are not requested to come to the facility while maintaining our social distancing requirements, we will be changing our plan for the short-term.  From April 13th through April 21st, we will be requiring those individuals to use 8 hours per day (56 hours total) of Paid Time Off (PTO) to receive their current pay.  From April 22nd through April 30th, TMG PP will compensate those employees for 8-hours per day (56 hours total) without requiring any additional PTO reductions. For those employees who do not have the required 56 hours, someone will be in touch to discuss those situations on an individual basis.

We will be reaching out to some individuals directly. If you have any questions, please email us or contact John or Kevin directly:

John Creech –  440-665-2999

Kevin Quiring – 440-227-5316

We have worked diligently to manage this unprecedented situation without any reduction in pay for our team to date.  We will continue to do everything in our power to manage this crisis without interruption to your pay or benefits.  Thank you for your help.

 Also, as a reminder, if you are experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms and are seeking a medical diagnosis, have been advised to self-quarantine, are caring for someone in quarantine as directed by a health care provider or a government entity, please let us know. 

 We are all anxious to get back to work.  We are hopeful that by May 1st we are ready to return to serve all our Customers at full strength.  Until then, we appreciate your help to safely serve our passionate consumers.