Payroll Plan

We are continuing to pursue all options to ensure we can safely support our customers, consumers and employees. While we work on these plans, we have made the decision to extend our current payroll plan, as outlined on March 23, through a minimum of Friday, April 10th, 2020. All employees paid on an hourly basis will continue to receive 8-hours of pay for Tuesday-Friday of the upcoming week. All other employees will receive their normal wages for this time. This extension also allows for all employees on the TMGPP Health Care plan to have full coverage on our plan through a minimum of April 30th.

 We will continue to work on the longer-term plan that we will communicate in more detail next week. For those of you who are working from home, thank you for helping to serve our customers and consumers. Please continue to find ways to support those efforts. We will continue to reach out to some of you to ask for your support at the facility to perform our Minimum Operations and Essential Duties. We continue to maintain appropriate Social Distance and practice all of the outlined safety precautions with a minimal staff.  

Stay Healthy!