March 20 Update

I know I say this every day, but the information continues to come in fast and I want to make sure we provide accurate data as it comes in.

Currently, we have NO CONFIRMED exposure to the COVID-19 virus in our facility.

Again, in accordance with many of the guidelines presented by state and local authorities, and in order to protect our employees, we have asked anyone that exhibited any symptoms to remain home. In addition, any individual who lives with someone who is ill or has been requested to quarantine, must stay home.

Today, Governor Dewine addressed the ongoing questions about the continuation of businesses in the State of Ohio. While other states have closed non-essential businesses, the Governor has not issued any order to prohibit our operation of a safe facility. He specifically mentioned the desire to balance the needs of the state with the opportunity for an individual to continue to earn a wage. At this point, we are following his guidance to continue operations at the facility and offer that opportunity to all of those who are willing to do so.

In addition, the LT. Governor listed numerous best practices for business to ensure they are keeping their employees as safe as possible from this virus. I am so proud of each person in this organization because we can say that we have been operating with EVERY BEST PRACTICE outlined in today’s press briefing.

Some of those best practices include:


  • Staggering Break and Lunch Times
  • Taking Temperatures of Employees
  • Removing Chairs from Meeting Spaces to improve Social Distance
  • Offering Split Shifts to reduce employees on-site
  • Create opportunities to work from home wherever possible
  • Cleaning and providing sanitizer
  •  Continuing to remind everyone of the 6ft Social distance

If you have other ideas, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.
Again, if you are feeling ill, PLEASE STAY HOME. There is Federal Relief that will support pay for those who miss work and are diagnosed with this Virus, Quarantined, or caring for someone who is sick with the virus. It is called the Families First Corona Virus Response Act.

It impacts FMLA and Sick Leave. We are working to understand how to implement this act for those who qualify. However, please know that we will fully comply with this act, and we will ensure you are able to receive the full benefits of this law. Currently, the new law does not provide any benefits for anyone choosing to call-off without symptoms or other eligible need. However, we continue to approve Vacation for those who request it and will not penalize any
individual choosing to take unpaid absences after Vacation is exhausted due to a personal decision in this time. We respect you and your family’s needs and will continue to grant this leave through the end of the month. By the end of this month, we will evaluate the situation and possibly extend the ability to take unpaid personal leave.

(If you are reading this on the site, I guess you figured this next part out!)

Over the next few days, I will be changing the
website from a consumer site to a password protected site for employee communication. There will be a button in the upper-right hand of the page that will prompt you for a password. Please use the Password CORSA140. This change is being made to ensure there is an effective way to communicate to all employees any information that is vital, as well as simple updates regarding where we are and how the business is doing. In this time of uncertainty,while so many of our teammates are spread around Northeast Ohio, it feels important that there
is a way for all of us to connect. We will continue to use the Paylocity system and email for urgent updates.

Thank you all again for your hard work to keep each other safe. I continue to be so proud ofthis organization. Please continue to enforce Social Distance and keep washing hands and surfaces.

As we get more information regarding the Federal and State benefit programs, we will provide it. We are confident that the strong business this group has created is poised to overcome this challenge and get back on the exciting path we have set for the future.

Please do your best to keep you and your loved ones healthy.