Our Company

TMG Performance Products

At TMG Performance Products, passion is at the core of everything we do. We are passionate about our people, our consumers, our products, and our core values. 


Our organization is full of talent. More importantly, our organization is made of of real Passionate People. We are driven to meet the promises we make to our customers.  We are focused on providing exceptional experiences, and supporting the passions that make the owners of our products so special.  With a relentless drive to continue learning, a commitment to cross-functional teamwork, and pushing for new challenges, we are continuing to build a collaborative, team-oriented organization that can exceed every expectation today, and in the future.


This company is proud of derlivering innovative products that our consumers covet.  With CORSA's RSC® Technology, utilizing numerous patents, we engineer and manufacture truly innovative exhaust solutions that give drivers the ultimate in acoustic thrill and comfort. Our exclusive PowerCore® Filtration technology, featured on Volant, allows drivers to test the limits of their vehicles, trusting that we can protect the power they make. 

TMG Performance Products is the leader in innovated products for Air Flow and Acoustics, driving performance for the automotive aftermarket, with global brands such as CORSA Performance manufactured for premium performance cars, Trucks, and SUVs, Volant Performance engineered for trucks and Jeeps.  Offering all products from Air Intakes, Headers and Exhaust, allows us to uniquely meet the needs of our discerning consumers. In addition, TMG Performance Products supports and delivers to the exacting needs of our customers, manufacturing private label products for major brands worldwide, handling the unique design and distribution needs of each our customers.

In the marine industry, CORSA Marine is a leading partner for many OEMs, delivering Captain's call exhaust diverter systems, allowing the Captain to choose his exhaust note with a helm-mounted switch. In addition, we have leveraged our engineering experience to supporting a majority of OEMs in the marine market, solving countless problems with innovative, and quality focuesed engineered solutions.

In all cases, TMG Performance Products proudly manufactures our products in Berea, OH, USA. With a focus on working as a world-class operations team, continue to develop new advanced manufacturing methods and proprietary technologies that ensure we can meet and exceed the needs of our consumers. We support these developments with a focus on quality that continues to deliver our ISO9001:2015 certification.  

TMG Performance Products is a proud and passionate team. We believe that we can support our consumers together, keep our Core Values at the heart of everything we do.