Stay Healthy

While we all work in different ways where we can, it is as important as ever to stay healthy.  We talked a lot about staying healthy when we were all in the facility together.  However, when you aren’t there, it is just as important that you stay safe, healthy and do the same for your family.  I understand that we all need to go out to the grocery store to keep getting food.  Here are some guidelines from the State to ensure we remain safe:

  1. Keep the 6 foot distance between yourself and other shoppers.
  2. Shop patiently – wait for other shoppers to move out of the way.
  3. Consolidate trips.
  4.  Shop alone if possible.
  5. Stay at home if you aren’t feeling well.
  6. Wash and sanitize your hands both before and after shopping.  Please don’t touch your face and then touch products.
  7. If you can, wear a mask and gloves.
  8. Shop online if possible for curbside pickup or delivery.

It is also still very important that you let us know if you, or someone in your family is diagnosed with COVID-19, or displaying symptoms.  Please contact your supervisor, or me, so we can take the appropriate steps

I hope to see all of you soon.  I was in the office for a few hours yesterday, and it felt lonely, but great.  Thanks to those of you who are helping to safely keep things running, from the plant, to your desks, kitchens, or basements at home.  I can tell you, there is a beautiful C8 corvette, waiting for our team to rip it apart and get the company moving quickly when we return.