Recap of Monday

Below is the memo I reviewed earlier today.  With today being the last day of a full production team in the facility for a while, I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank you for all that you have done.  As we discussed, we will have a small crew in the facility periodically to support the Basic Operations of the business.  Thank you to those who are working hard to ship tonight and will support the operations tomorrow.

Here is the memo....

On Sunday, March 22, the State of Ohio issued a “Stay at Home” Order, requiring the closure of non-essential businesses.  TMG Performance, under the definition of this order, is required to cease operations at the facility until at least April 6th, 2020.


It is important to recognize that the business is not closing, but the facility is.  We have employees that are working remotely that will support our customers, consumers, suppliers and many other stakeholders.  While we cannot have the entire team together in Berea, we will continue to function, however, without the ability to produce product for the near future.


At this time, we have made the decision that each employee will continue receive pay as normal through the April 6th date provided by the state. Any employee who is paid on an hourly basis will receive the following:


  • Pay for any hours worked or PTO taken on Monday, March 23rd.
  • 8-hours of Pay for each day, Tuesday, March 24th - Friday, March 27th.
  • 8-hours of Pay for each day, Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd.
  • 8-hours of Pay for Monday, April 6th.

Payroll will continue to be processed on a normal schedule. 3/27, 4/10 for Bi-Weekly payroll and 3/31, 4/15 for semi-monthly payroll.  All pay will reflect the current standard deductions.


It is our hope that we will all return to work on April 7th.  However, we will evaluate any new information and State Orders as they become available.  Should the order be extended, we will evaluate that information and communicate our plans for beyond April 6th at that time.


The State Order does allow for Minimum Basic Operations to be conducted at the facility.  Employees who are asked to perform these operations will be individually notified.  These activities are in support of maintaining the facility, the value of the inventory, security, benefit/payroll processing, and other basic functions.  Any employee asked to enter the facility will be required to maintain Social Distancing Requirements. In addition, any employee who is able to work remotely must continue to perform their job functions as effectively as possible during the facility closure.


Over these next few weeks, it remains imperative that if any employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, is seeking a medical diagnosis for COVID, or has been formally quarantined, please let us know by calling into the call-off line or reaching out to your supervisor for our confidential records.



We will continue to communicate important information through email, Paylocity, and phone calls.  In addition, the TMG Performance Products website has been changed to a tool for employee communication.



Password: CORSA140


I will be posting updates, information on benefit resources, links to health resources, and updates on the company on this site. I encourage each of you to check in as often as possible.  In this unprecedented time, we are all looking for ways to stay connected.  Additionally, the contact information page will provide you several methods of communicating with us.  The form on the page will send an email directly to us so we can address any concerns you may have.


Thank you all for your help and support during this challenging experience.  Your cooperation in every effort we have made to create the safest workplace possible is greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately, the time has come where our measures are simply not enough.  It is time for us to “Stay at Home”.  At TMGPP, we will continue to work together for success.  That success will be the effective support of our customers and consumers, the continuity of our business, and most importantly, the health and safety of all of you.


Stay safe. Stay Healthy.  Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.